Our concept is simple: “Give a child a ball and then teach him/her how to play the game.” Through the medium of sports, our FREE one-day camps teach students the value of education, health, leadership and the idea that they can do anything they set their mind to. Together we will learn how to “Dream Big!” THOUGH, DREAM BIG has grown a vast amount in under a year. We have won the SMU Big Ideas contest, have had features on several news stations, and have gone international as well. We have expanded from only using sports camps to change children’s lives.

Dream Big focuses on changing the lives of children, similar to Tom’s shoes.  However, instead of giving children a singular product, we provide them with the tools and equipment to play soccer and other sports.  At the same time, promoting education, reaching their goals, and dreaming big!

Every child should have the opportunity to express themselves through sports, so we help make this happen. The affordability and access to sporting equipment should not prevent kids from discovering their passion for the game.

Through spreading our love of sports, we seek to make a difference in this world.  Before hosting our Dream Big camps, we thoroughly research and acquaint ourselves with the low-income, underprivileged communities in our neighborhood.  In less than a year, Dream Big has already inspired and held free soccer and basketball clinics for more than 800 children in the Dallas/Vickery Meadow Community, and have conducted international humanitarian operations.  Each child received a quality ball, shirts, prizes, awards, snacks, Vitamin Water or Powerade, certificate’s of completion, and much more (discounts on our sponsors’ products, coupons from local restaurants, etc.).

In addition to all of the free goodies, the most important thing we gave the children was a day for them to realize their potential as students, sports players and members of the community.

If you’re going to dream…DREAM BIG!

Some quotes from our camps:

“This is the beginning of a social movement”

-Camp Coach

“This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.”

-Camp Coach

“These kids needed this camp…it was a blessing”

-School Administrator

“What we’re doing and what Dream Big is doing is making that impossible Dream possible.”

-School Administrator

“The coaching was really good, and I never had my own ball before.”


“This camp was the best day of my life”


“No one has ever cared enough to bring these kids anything, let alone a magnificent camp like this”

-Camp Parent

“It’s hard to believe college students put this together”

-Camp Parent


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